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Justin Krasuckas

Underwater, 2021
16" H x 15.5" W
Krasuckas is using realistic approach learned from old masters when he studied in Florence Academy of Art in Italy. He uses this technique to create interesting narrative stories. Mostly his art are based in two mediums - oil painting and etching. Now almost decade he is painting portrait commissions for private clients, also participating in local and international exhibitions, competitions and going to annual pleinairs. In recent time Krasuckas is teaching classical portrait drawing and painting course in his co-founded "Classical Realist Atelier" art school in Lithuania. Also, lecturing in Vilnius Art Academy as drawing and painting teacher. Most of Krasuckas art are for sale. Collectors are actively buying his well crafted narrative scenes and landscape paintings. Those paintings perfectly fit in modern and classical home interiors. They bring style and good taste and great emotional resonance.
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