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Lyubena Fox

Autumn Chipmunk, 2016
14" H x 12" W
The painting is framed and measures 66 x 60 cm. The painting is a finalist in the ARC Salon 2018, it appears in the following publications: The Guide Artists magazine Premium LifeStyle Media Sofia Live Trud ARC Salon 2018 Catalogue Capturing the essence of autumn, the artist is using her pet chipmunk as a model in this painting. The Paintings Qualities: Lyubena Fox's paintings are painted in several layers, using both the transparent and opaque qualities of oil paint. Each layer is applied after the previous has dried which makes the painting withstand time. It also creates a glowing, three-dimensional effect, which is due to the different layers showing though each other. These paintings are painted following the logic of how the eye perceives: seeing the details in the context of the form. To create a fulfilling experience, the images are composed of places, full of detail for the eye to explore and places where the eye can rest.
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