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Silvia Ilona Klatt

Jønshornet hilser, 2020
42" H x 76" W
This is a large scale oil painting with Gold and copper metal leaf accents. This painting is special to me, it is literally almost the view from my window ( I am still floored about living in a beautiful apartment in Ålesund) and each morning, that I’m off and the sun finally decides to join us, I am curious if I’ll see the peak of Jønshornet or not. From my bed I can see him just peaking over but often with our weather here, he’s in the clouds. When he does greet me It’s like seeing an old friend. (And yes, the mountain is male in my world, because in German it has a gender, I can never get over that when I speak English, but I think it’s a corky thing, you can get used to. ) In 2014 I remember yelling “I can do what I want!!!” from the top of my lungs down from Jønshornet after climbing it. It just came out of me while I was talking with a friend about what’s next in life for me. I had just finished a 4 year commitment of serving with a christian organisation here in Ålesund and abroad and suddenly there was this huge space before me and I realized, that actually I get to decide. It wasn’t so much a “I want to do it my way” attitude, more that I am empowered to make a decision and now that my commitment was over, there were so many possibilities. I ended up moving to Florence and studying at the Florence Classical Art Academy. So much changed. I finally fully embraced the artist in me.
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